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Autonomous Goat

The 21st Century of Supply Chain Logistics

AutoGoat is the answer to a single source solution to a complete upgrade of your existing yard trucks, It also performs physical yard checks and generates a list of resources available at your disposal as well including a list of every transient vehicle on your yard in its arena. It never get tired, It's always ready when you are. The AutoGoat will notify you a piece of equipment has been moved from its space.

At AutoGoat we realize that there is no tomorrow unless we build it today, in order for sustainability in highly competitive and complex world. The decisions we make have a direct impact on the future and our assets for our shareholders to operate & maintain a high tech low cost mobile fleet.

Asset tracking & yard checks made simple, will strengthen, warehouse utilization will increase, employee utilization as well as all asset utilization in the process will be driven to a new level of performance.

AutoGoat can integrate with your current software as handle site infrastructure and ongoing changes to your site. The Goat always operates with safety as the top priority,

Truck and Warehouse

AutoGoat: The 21st Century of Supply Chain Logistics

Adding autonomy to your logistics without redesigning your operation.


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