Frequently asked questions

What is AutoGoat

The AutoGoat is an enhancment to your existing yard truck. The AutoGoat is your answer to complete control of yard logistics and keeping the production lines moving. It never gets tired, has accidents or damages equipment and it also performs physical yard checks and generates the list of resources available for transporting your products. if you have a scheduled dispatch time for a load it will notify you if the load has been picked up or not and at what time.

Can I order now (Pre-Sale)

Yes, we have several options for presale $30,000 Deposit, 30,000 Due on delivery $46,000 Deposit, this is all you pay. Zero Due on delivery $10,000 Deposit, 75,000 Due on delivery Or you can make a reservation, for $900, and be at the top of hte list. Delivery should begin 3rd Quarter of 2021.

Will autogoat require modifications to trailers or pernament modifications to the yard truck?

No, this will work without modifications to trailers or permanent modifications to the yard truck. We have a system that can currently connect to 92% of trailers, gladhand, on your yard now.

What is the warranty? Is there a service guarantee if there is a issue?

There is a 2 year warranty on hardware. At current time we expect to ship replacement parts within 48hrs.

What will be needed when I palce my order.

After the deposit is made, We will need the 17 Digit VIN, A photograph of the outside and inside of the yard truck. We will arrange a yard visit, to do a site survey, and create the yard map. The AutoGoat will need WiFi Coverage over the entire yard. We will be able to provide the wifi equipment, but you property owner will need to arrange instalation

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