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For a limited time, We are Offering a Few Deals!!

The Autogoat system, installed on your site, will be $90,000 

Please select one of the following options to Get Started


special incentives

Pre-Order Option #1

$30,000 deposit, and $30,000 on delivery, a savings of $30,000 limited time and you will be at the head of the other orders.


$900 Refundable reservation this will be applied to the full purchase price, you will be on the list before others who have not placed a reservation.

Pre-Order Option #2

$45,000 deposit and zero on delivery.  That is a savings of $45,000 (50% off). Very limited offer, one per customer.

Pre-Order Option #3

$10,000 deposit and $75,000 on delivery that is a savings of $5,000

Saving Of


Saving Of

$45,000 or 50%

Saving Of


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